WINTEC Barrel | GreenTech Plastics Machinery
WINTEC Barrel | GreenTech Plastics Machinery

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A Leader in Injection Moulding

WINTEC produces injection moulding machines for single-shot applications.

As part of the ENGEL group, the company is committed to the high quality that is expected of ENGEL owned companies. Its portfolio is designed to satisfy the needs of standard plastics production.

Designed and engineered in Europe, the WINTEC product lines offer the benefits of decades of expertise in injection molding: most reliable and efficient machines with an extended service life.

WINTEC has designed machines with fast movements and a short clamping force build-up time. This coupled with a synchronised locking device movement, reduce total cycle time and significantly  increases your company’s productivity.

The servo drive systems in these products guarantee fast acceleration and low energy consumption, reducing wear and tear.

WINTEC T-Win 6500 | GreenTech Machinery


The T-Win range comprises servo-hydraulic two-platen injection moulding machines. These machines are economical and provide fast and energy-efficient production.

A T-Win machine will give you a high output, consistent part quality and maximum machine availability. The machines are a profitable investment with easy operation and maintenance, allowing for an extended service life.

WINTEC Control Unit | GreenTech Machinery

WINTEC is a member of the ENGEL group; it was established in 2018 and is based in Changzhou, China.

The company is committed to providing injection moulding machines that promote sustainability, waste reduction and cost savings.

WINTEC holds itself to high standards in all products and services.

With decades of expertise behind them, WINTEC offers standard but customised solutions. They manufacture state-of-the-art equipment designed to be the industry leader in efficiency and reliability.

When you put one of these robust machines in your factory, you can be confident that your return on investment will be well worth the purchase.

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