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Vacuum Forming Solutions

We supply machinery and spares to suit any of your vacuum forming needs.

Our professional GreenTech team ensures that your business receives the continued hands-on support that your company needs. We service and repair plastic production equipment to the highest standard.

Partner with GreenTech to work with a vacuum forming machine and parts supplier you can trust.

The Vacuum Forming Process

Vacuum Forming is a method that uses specialised pneumatic, hydraulic and heat controls to turn plastic sheets into permanent objects. Its most commonly done with HIPS, ABS, PVC and polyethene materials. This process is well known as a secondary process because it uses extruded plastic sheeting. To achieve long-term savings, we advise our clients to invest in both a Vacuum Forming Machine and an Extrusion Machine.

The Vacuum Forming Process Step By Step

  1. First, a sheet of plastic formed by extrusion and is heated until it is soft.
  2. This sheet is then placed over a single-surface mould.
  3. A vacuum is then applied to the underside of the mould and sucks the soft plastic into place.
  4. The plastic is cooled and ejected, ready for the final step.
  5. Trimming is applied to the product before ready for distribution.

Pro-Tip: The trimmed material can be ground, recycled and used in your next creation.

Deciding on the Vacuum Forming Machine

A large vacuum forming machine is the perfect investment for companies that need to manufacture small to medium quantities of big plastic products.

Vacuum forming is an efficient and cost-effective plastic production choice.

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RIDAT Vacuum Formers has high standard specifications that allow for consistent production. These machines are robust, well-engineered and worth the investment.

We sell a wide range of standard RIDAT models known for their superior performance and give manufacturers a significant investment return.

Industries Best Suited to Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is best suited for markets that need to manufacture small to medium quantities of a large-sized product. That’s why this plastic solution is most popular in the automotive and packaging production industries.

It’s an incredible thing to experience one revolutionary machine create anything from vehicle door liners, to blister packs, to yoghurt tubs.

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