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Technical Plastic Moulding Machine Suppliers | GreenTech Machinery

Technical Plastic Moulding Machine Suppliers

Custom Plastic Moulding

The technical plastic moulding market has a broad and diverse range of sectors. Our machinery and expertise meet this head-on with a multifaceted range of applications.

We are continually educating ourselves and incorporating new technology for high-quality production and optimum ergonomics.

GreenTech – A Trusted Partner to Plastic Moulding Companies

Technical Moulding Process

GreenTech brings customers individual multi-component machines with electronic force optimisation and platen options, designed for a competitive edge in the technical moulding industry

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Injection Moulding

GreenTech supplies individual multi-component injection moulding machines for technical plastic moulding. Custom or standard technology is available depending on your needs and preferences.

The injection moulding machines have electronic clamping force optimisation and comprehensive platen options. Dual platen options with optimised platen parallelism are also available.

GreenTech can provide space-saving machines with modular systems or combination options perfect for flexible mould design and connections.

Energy-efficient and reliable machines with low mould wear ensure low life cycle costs. Short production cycles, coupled with intelligent logistics for material handling, allow you to manufacture with the utmost efficiency. GreenTech machinery operates with a range of materials that enable you to produce colourful products and products with a specialised surface finish.


GreenTech stocks and supplies an extensive range of ancillary products to increase efficiency in your technical moulding production line.

We believe that one of our most valuable ancillaries is production line is software. This is the latest in communication and control technology. It can document and store production data; this is a must-have when producing automotive plastic safety components.

GreenTech is at the forefront of material solutions and can provide special material handling and the processing of additives.

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Automation & Grippers

Automation is invaluable in any production line. GreenTech will fully automate your injection moulding process and provide automated tool changes for limited-run series specific to the technical moulding industry.

Plastic production automation enables a highly ergonomic method of manufacturing.

GreenTech develops, installs, services and repairs high-quality plastic production automation solutions tailored to your automotive needs.

We supply only premium trusted machinery and parts to provide you with production line automation.


Extrusion is a high speed, high volume method of manufacturing plastic parts. It offers an efficient production method for products with constant cross-section, such as pipes and gutters.

GreenTech installs, services and repairs high-quality extrusion equipment tailored to your specific business needs. We supply only premium machinery and parts.

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ENGEL provides machine solutions tailored to the technical moulding industry:

  • The ‘Victory’ injection moulding machine for tie-bar-less plastic production.
  • The ‘E-Victory’ is a space-saving option fit for the production of smaller technical products.
  • The ‘Duo’: a dual-platen option that provides a flexible layout and large-volume technical products.
  • ‘Combimelt’: simultaneous use of different materials.


The ‘T-Win’ injection moulding machine is a servo-hydraulic dual platen machine providing fast and energy-efficient production.

The ‘T-Win’ is available with clamping force ranging from 4500kN to 18000kN.

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Battenfeld-Cincinnati is the technology leader and 100% dedicated to plastics extrusion. Project engineering is their speciality, and they provide complete extrusion lines from one single source.

Plastic extrusion is beneficial in the packaging industry as it can produce high-quality food packaging.


Motan offers peripheral units and systems for materials handling.

Their units are designed for long term use, low maintenance, easy to use and reliable. motan’s systems can optimise your automotive dosing, mixing, conveying, drying, crystallising and storage.

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Controlling temperature in the manufacturing process plays a vital role in injection moulding or any similar process.

GreenTech partners with HB-Therm, the company of choice specialising in the ancillaries that your business needs to optimise production. HB-Therm supplies maintenance free temperature control units with a lifetime warranty on specified parts.

The company is predominantly active in the automotive, medical and technical moulding sectors.

HB-Therm has developed a quality and environmental management system based on the continuous improvement of all procedures and processes. The company is proudly certified according to the International Quality Management System (ISO 9001) as well as the International Environmental Management System (ISO 14001).


TAMPOPRINT specialises in the excellent construction of pad printing and laser engraving machines.

Together with TAMPOPRINT, we offer solutions for bulk printing using printing pads and customisation using lasers. We provide accessories, consumables, process consulting, training and service.

TAMPOPRINT is the perfect partner in your technical moulding printing needs, developing solutions even for the most challenging or small printing surface.

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The leading software for the plastics industry.

With TIG the smart factory becomes a reality and offers a solution for everyone – from beginners to experts.

As a part of the ENGEL group, TIG has developed Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for production optimisation, production control and quality assurance. TIG constructs and supplies hardware and software solutions for the automotive, medical technology, electronics, technical moulding and packaging industries.

Their products are future-orientated, creating networks between all means of production andany machine from any manufacturer produced in any year. TIG focuses on the standardisation of interfaces to give customers their independence in efficient operation.

TIG’s efficient and rapid integration into a production line, resulting in the high-quality merging of production resources, is unparalleled.


GreenTech is a proud supplier of standard and customised Plasma and Corona surface treatment systems produced by Tantec. This company is a leading manufacturer of surface treatment and plasma etching of plastics and metals to enhance adhesion properties.

This brand is continuously developing new innovative equipment to solve adhesion problems; they aim to serve every industry.

Tantec surface treatments are excellent for use in the technical moulding industry. Tantec’s process does not have any electrical conduction making it particularly suitable for electrical components.

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