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Leaders in Plasma Etching and Surface Treatment

Tantec is a leading manufacturer of surface treatment and plasma etching of plastics and metals to enhance adhesion properties. This brand focuses more specifically on standard and customised Plasma and Corona systems.

The Tantec Group is a privately held company founded in 1974, and is a leading manufacturer of standard and customized Plasma and Corona systems for surface treatment of plastics and metals to enhance adhesion properties.

The Tantec Group is continuously developing new innovative equipment to solve adhesion problems.

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Plasma Treaters

Plasma treatment is a surface treatment that provides innovative solutions to adhesion and wetting problems. It can be used on many different materials in various setting and industries.

Plasma treatment is an economical solution for cleaning and activating component surfaces before they undergo further processing. Cleaning and activating complex surfaces that cannot be treated using regular corona treatment mechanisms is done using plasma treatment.

Tantec supplies plasma treatment in customisable solutions to remove foreign contaminants present on the surface of a material or create an environment for the long term adhesive bonding of plastics.

Corona Treaters

Corona treatment is another surface modification technique. Corona discharge is used to impart changes to a surface’s properties, such as that of a plastic component. This change ensures the bonding of the surface with printing inks, coatings and adhesives.

It is crucial in plastic production that the substrate’s surface energy is equal to or higher than the surface energy of the material applied to it to obtain optimum adhesion. Corona treatment optimises adhesion properties on polymer-based materials. It is widely used in the plastic film, extrusion, automotive and medical industries.

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Leak Detection

Leak detection technology provided by Tantec will detect a crack or pinhole in a plastic material that would otherwise be unnoticed.

LeakTEC is a powerful electronic tool for non-destructive leak detection of non-conductive single layer materials.

The LeakTEC measures a leak between a high-voltage electrode (DC) and counter electrode which can either be grounded or running opposed polarity. The LeakTEC ensures full process control and traceability.

Tantec is your partner in maintaining products of the highest quality.

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Tantec was established in 1974, leaving it with more than 40 years’ experience. This innovative company continuously develops new solutions.

It is a privately held Danish company with a high level of know-how. This organisation develops new Plasma and Corona equipment constantly to help adhesion problems and meet high customer demands.

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