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TampoPrint TAMPOPRINT Pads BPY | GreenTech Machinery


Leaders in Industrial Pad Printing

Inventor and market leader in pad printing and laser engraving machines.

In partnership with TAMPOPRINT, we offer solutions for bulk printing using printing pads and customisation using lasers. We provide accessories, consumables, process consulting, training and service.

For TAMPOPRINT, excellence means that the machine works reliably, lasts and pays itself off. They construct standard pad printing machines and printing modules for larger installations. TAMPOPRINT presents solutions for bulk printing using printing pads and customisation using lasers.

As an industry leader, TAMPOPRINT develops special installations to efficiently integrate the pad printing machines with your system components. They provide accessories, consumables, process consulting, training and service.

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Circular Pad Printing

Circular pad printing is available  in two different systems and is commonly used for printing on bottle tops. The first system is a clocked process, and the workpiece is transported on jigs. This system can slow the production process as there is interruption while printing is taking place.

In a more efficient system, the pad roller is replaced with a pad belt so that the system is continuous. Circular pad printing is best integrated with automated systems as high speeds and precision levels can be maintained.

Rotary Pad Printing

Rotary pad printing is suitable for high volume requirements. It is a continuous process, running at high speed. This pad printing is suited to systems where printing must keep pace with the system as a whole, being only one part of a complex, automated system.

Server printing units can be positioned in sequence in rotary pad printing which allows for multicolour prints. Double-sided rotary pad printing is also a possibility. It enables fast, synchronised printing of the front and back of a substrate in a single operation.

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Classic Pad Printing

Classic Pad Printing has three ink system options:

  • Open ink system – the technology is outdated but can still be used to meet special requirements such as realise large print images or for printing requiring special inks.
  • Sealed Ink System – this is the method of choice for standard applications; it is faster and easier to handle when changing inks. The ink solvent is sealed. This means it hardly evaporates and the viscosity of the ink remains constant for longer. Stirring or dilution are not required as often as was necessary with open ink systems. The sealed ink system protects the ink against dirt and contamination. It produces fewer emissions, so is more environmentally friendly than the open ink system.
  • Sealed Ink system with crosswise doctor blade: a standard ink system can have restrictions on the print size. This ink system allows for a print of any size.
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TAMPOPRINT boasts over 60 years of experience in the printing industry.

This company does not shy away from a challenge. It holds itself to the high standard of print on ‘unprintable’ surfaces not fit for use as print media.

TAMPOPRINT assists with special requirements in printing operation and durability.

GreenTech and TAMPOPRINT

Consult with GreenTech’s expert team to guide you on which TAMPOPRINT technology is best suited to your business. We supply you with the perfect pad printing technology and maintain the machinery for its lifespan.

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