RIDAT 2420AFCS | GreenTech-Machinery
RIDAT 2420AFCS | GreenTech-Machinery

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Leaders in Vacuum Forming Machines

RIDAT provides a one stop, single source of packaging plant – manual, semi-automatic and automatic vacuum forming machines and related ancillaries such as blister sealers and roller presses.

Its machines are one of the most robust in the plastic vacuum forming industry and are suitable for both high volume production and short production runs. The equipment is a cost-effective investment with high reliability

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RIDAT’s newest range consists of high-speed automatic vacuum forming machines equipped with inline systems with pre-heat, form trim and stack systems.


RIDAT’s range of semi-automatic vacuum forming machines cater for an automated processing cycle, requiring set timers on an operator interface panel. The operator needs to place and remove the material.


RIDAT’s semi-manual machines have an automatic heating cycle. Still, the mould table movement and material clamping is pneumatically powered and requires an operator.


RIDAT aims to provide its customers with a single source supplier for vacuum forming machines. It has produced a range of devices to assist with secondary processes such as trimming and sealing.


RIDAT’s MediVac range of vacuum forming machines makes radiotherapy masks for patients in hospitals.

To make the shells, an impression  is taken with a plaster cast. The RIDAT Vacuum Former and plastic film is heated and drawn down over the cast by applying a vacuum.

Blister Sealing Press

Blisters are one of the most popular forms of packaging, particularly in the hardware industry.

This RIDAT range includes shuttle, rotary, and conveyor type of blister sealing presses. Catering to entry-level blister heat sealing presses to high-speed production lines.

RIDAT 1012BSP | GreenTech Machinery
RIDAT 1012BSP | GreenTech Machinery

RIDAT has been manufacturing vacuum forming machines for over 60 years. It was acquired from Europack Engineering in 2002 and merged with RCS Thermoforming to form the RIDAT Company.

RIDAT offers up to five-year warranties with its machines and provides planned after-sales maintenance as optional. This service agreement entitles the customer to a discount on all services and spares on their RIDAT devices. The scheduled maintenance ensures that RIDAT machines offer the optimum longevity.

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