Plastic Packaging Machinery Suppliers In South Africa | GreenTech Machinery
Plastic Packaging Machinery Suppliers In South Africa | GreenTech Machinery

Plastic Packaging Machinery Suppliers in South Africa

Plastic Packaging Suppliers in South Africa

Packaging is one of the most significant sectors in the plastic manufacturing industry. GreenTech has many years of experience in the supply of machinery to specification for this market.

Plastic packaging stretches across nearly every industry. Consider Tupperware, lunch boxes, bottle caps or closures, shampoo bottles, pumps and even medicine bottles. Many of these markets require stringent safety and hygiene regulations as the packaged product is for human consumption. GreenTech helps you get equipped with the right machinery and meet these high standards.

Loyal Partners of the Plastic Packaging Manufacturers

Low production costs and large-scale manufacturing are essential to remaining competitive in this market.

GreenTech injection moulding machines are energy-efficient and reliable. Automation and smart monitoring, coupled with GreenTech’s service and repair support, ensure minimum downtime for plastic packaging manufacturers across a range of industries

GreenTech Serves a Large Span of Plastic Packaging Markets

Food and Beverage Packaging Medical Packaging
Plastic packaging plays a crucial role in delivering a safe food supply from farm to table. From airtight wraps to shelf-stable bottles and containers, it is excellent packaging of frozen foods for storage. Plastics are the workhorse in medical packaging solutions. Thermoformed blister packs, caps, bottles, and even vials are examples of what our injection moulding, vacuum forming and extrusion machinery can create.
Consumer Packaged Goods Cosmetic and Personal Care Packaging
Plastics can be moulded, extruded, and cast to any shape needed by our vast selection of machinery specifically for any consumer packaging. It’s lightweight, robust and allows for more product and less packaging. Making it a good value for money solution for consumer goods.  Few sectors value beauty and functionality as much as the cosmetic packaging industry. Plastic packaging is essential in everything from everyday toiletries to high-end luxury cosmetics.

Important Planning for Plastic Packaging Production

Consider the placement planning of your injection moulding machinery carefully as the finished product must not be contaminated with grease, oil or dirt.

GreenTech supports the drive towards environmentally friendly business practices in the plastic packaging sector. We collaborate with our customers to ensure quality products are produced in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Contact GreenTech to get industry-specific plastics manufacturing advice

ENGEL Injection Moulding Machines | GreenTech Machinery

Plastic Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is the most accepted type of plastic manufacturing suitable for mass plastic part production for the packaging industry. It can produce intricate, strong parts with low levels of waste and fast cycle times.

Energy-efficient and cleanroom capable, our machines are specified to the requirements of the packaging industry and meet all market regulations.


Extrusion is a cost-effective method of precise plastic production, making it the primary choice for packaging manufacturing. We import, install and service high-quality extrusion machines and equipment tailored to your specific business needs.

Battenfeld-Cincinatti Extrusion Plastic | GreenTech Machinery
motan GRAVICOLOR Different Sizes With LUXOR-50 | GreenTech Machinery


Beyond deciding on the right manufacturing process for your business, it’s essential to pick the right plastic ancillaries.

At GreenTech, we support you in this process to help you streamline your packaging manufacturing procedures and significantly reduce time and material wastage.

Spares and Services

GreenTech specialises in optimising production lines by providing turnkey spare and service solutions

  • maintaining and repairing your equipment
  • fast sourcing of spare parts
  • training your team to the next level
  • optimising processes
  • ensuring the highest possible up-times.

The GreenTech spare parts team sources parts as fast as possible to ensure minimum downtime.

ENGEL Spares And Services | GreenTech Machinery
RIDAT Vacuum Forming 11008TT | GreenTech Machinery

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is an ideal process for producing plastic packaging. The mould flexibility is far greater and more cost-effective than other plastic moulding processes. Packaging made by this method is durable and will maintain shape for long periods.

Vacuum forming can also produce prototypes for the design of an injection moulding design on a cheaper scale than if you were to do this through injection moulding.

ENGEL Logo | GreenTech Plastics Machinery


Take your packaging production to the next level with the fastest injection moulding machines from ENGEL.

High-performance injection moulding machines for maximum output: High-speed electric drives ensure maximum dynamics with optimum repeatability and the best energy efficiency simultaneously – the ideal prerequisites for a highly profitable production line.


We import and service WINTEC machinery. The WINTEC product lines are designed and engineered in Europe. This brand offers the benefits of decades of expertise in injection moulding and the most reliable and efficient machines with extended service life.

Their ‘T-Win’ machinery provides a superb, environmentally friendly plastic packaging manufacturing solution. The machinery is energy-efficient and compact, saving you space and reducing running costs.

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Battenfeld-Cincinnati is the technology leader and 100% dedicated to plastics extrusion. Project engineering is their speciality, and they provide complete extrusion lines from a single source.

The extrusion machines supplied by Battenfeld-Cincinnati offer a robust design and prioritise production competence. Optimal production management is what this brand offers your company.

Plastic extrusion produces high-quality plastic products such as bottles and other types of packaging, making it an ideal choice for the packaging industry.


Motan offers peripheral units and systems for extrusion-specific materials handling. Their units are designed for long term use, are low maintenance, easy to use and reliable.

Motan’s systems can optimise your packaging production by providing solutions in dosing, mixing, conveying, drying and crystallising.

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The inventor and market leader in pad printing and laser engraving machines.
In partnership with TAMPOPRINT, we offer solutions for bulk printing using printing pads and customisation using lasers. We provide accessories, consumables, process consulting, training and service.

TAMPOPRINT is the perfect partner in your packaging manufacturing, developing solutions for even the most challenging printing surface. Printing on bottlecaps, medical equipment, automotive parts and even toys is easily achieved with TAMPOPRINT.


Quality control is essential in the packaging industry. Food packaging, in particular, has its own set of safety and hygiene regulations. GreenTech partners with TIG to offer leading solutions in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).
TIG has developed Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for production optimisation, production control and quality assurance.

TIG constructs and supplies hardware and software solutions for the automotive, medical, electronics and packaging industries.

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GreenTech is a proud supplier of standard and customised Plasma and Corona surface treatment systems produced by Tantec. This company is a leading manufacturer of surface treatment and plasma etching of plastics and metals to enhance adhesion properties.

Tantec is continuously developing new innovative equipment to solve adhesion problems; they aim to serve every industry.

Tantec provides surface treatment solutions through environmentally friendly processes at a low operational cost.


RIDAT provides a one-stop, single source of packaging plant – manual, semi-automatic and automatic vacuum forming machines and related ancillaries such as blister sealers and roller presses.

Its machines are some of the most robust in the plastic vacuum forming industry and suitable for high volume production and short production runs. The equipment is a cost-effective investment with high reliability and an excellent choice for the packaging industry.

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