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At NGR we face up to our responsibility to the planet and future generations. Everything we do changes the future. It is our job to shape it for good. And we embrace this challenge with commitment and passion.

Day by day, with the knowledge to make the world a little better, going to work motivates us to perform at our best. For this reason, we offer the best solutions to our customers and thus provide them with a critical advantage in the market. With our technology, we are positioned as a leader worldwide in a dynamic market. But we cannot rest on our laurels: We are continually developing new innovative solutions to provide even more benefits for our customers and the environment.


The universal solution for industrial plastic waste


The newest generation of this high-efficiency recycling technology provides a significant increase in energy efficiency and additional improvements to output rate for sustainable plastic waste processing.


The compact repelletizing solution for any type of film


A space-saving design, an energy-efficient drive and simple, intuitive operation. These are all features of the plastic recycling plant equipment E:GRAN, the re-processing technology for thermoplastic film edge trims and roll scraps.


The multi-talented, high performer


A:GRAN is the compact technology for scrap plastic products created in industrial processes of any type. The recycling machine combination focuses on high performance in a compact space.


Tried-and-tested system sets new standards


The NXT:GRAN continues to combine size reduction, feeding and extruding into one extremely efficient work step (ONE-STEP technology). In doing so, it draws upon the experience gained from having over 1000 patented shredder-feeder-extruder combination installations worldwide


The power package for plastic waste of all shapes and sizes


X:GRAN is setting new standards in the high-output segment while at the same time working at maximum efficiency and with improved production capability.


PET in – Future out


The PET recycling machine P:REACT makes it possible to revolutionize the PET recycling process. It transforms PET waste and PET bottle flakes into food-grade recycled PET in minutes.


The efficiency star for pre-shredded material


Thanks to a wide range of various system sizes, F:GRAN can be implemented as a precise fit. Together with its significantly increased energy efficiency, this recycling technology is doubly cost-effective.


The cutting specialist for wet materials


If the material has a high moisture content, the plastic recycling system C:GRAN is the ideal solution. Flakes or films with a residual moisture up to  12 % are processed in this plastic recycling system without problems thanks to its excellent pre-drying properties.

NGR has grown into its current organization over a span of more than 20 years. During this time, we have expanded steadily with new technologies, innovative breakthroughs and important acquisitions. It is a success story in which constant growth has established NGR on the global market, but it would not have been possible without our solid foundation.

And that’s how we see NGR in the future: growing steadily but always also deeply rooted as a successful Austrian company in the international plastics recycling market.

Our intelligent recycling technology provides the most sustainable solution for every requirement. For a wide variety of raw materials such as industrial waste, post-consumer waste or PET materials, NGR has the ideal recycling solution to meet your needs.

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