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Motan offers peripheral units and systems for injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion and compounding. They implement stringent quality control and take pride in producing premium quality systems. Motan units are designed to be reliable for long term use, are low maintenance and easy to use.

The company believes in inventiveness, innovation and vision, based on  science and research, achieved through German engineering. Motan is continually developing its systems intending to enhance raw materials handling in plastics processing.

Motan offers customers cooperation based on partnership, solidifying and expanding market position.

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Dosing and Blending

Motan has developed methods specialising in well blended and consistent quality. Their years of expertise have allowed them to develop the knowledge to precisely dose and mix granulate, flakes, powders and liquids.

They have volumetric and gravimetric solutions that produce consistent high-quality results giving their customers a competitive edge.

Volumetric for Simple Extrusion Processes

Motan offers cost-effective solutions for simple recipes with high dosing rates that require a consistent bulk density of the powder.

Gain in Weight for Precise Dosing

The gravimetric solutions provided by Motan are high-quality, designed for flood-fed single-screw extrusion requiring high dosing precision.

Loss-In-Weight for Blend Accuracy and Homogeneity

Created for flood-fed single-screw processes and starve-fed twin-screw processes that require exceptional blend accuracy and homogeneity. Motan provides a hi-tech gravimetric dosing and mixing system.


The energy-efficient technology of motan drying systems lowers production costs. Their systems promise an up to 64% reduction in energy consumption thanks to their patented ETA plus technology. Motan can ensure you have excellent results thanks to the DryingOrganizer.

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Raw material conveying systems are a big help in optimising material flow, reducing waste and boosting production productivity.

motan’s end-to-end conveying systems and individual units are automatic and ensure optimum productivity.

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The Motan group was founded in 1947 and has cultivated over 60 years of expertise.

It is a medium-sized global corporation mindful of its role as a responsible partner in the plastic processing network. Motan aims to open up a whole new dimension beyond materials handling.

They prize quality and competence and think creatively to create new application-oriented solutions.

GreenTech and Motan

Consult GreenTech’s expert team to guide you on which Motan systems are most suitable to your business. We supply you with innovative technology and maintain the machinery for its lifespan.

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