ENGEL Skinmelt 3 | GreenTech Plastics Machinery
ENGEL Skinmelt 3 | GreenTech Plastics Machinery

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High-quality, hard-working, and reliable injection moulding machinery ensuring a return on investment to your business.

GreenTech is the South African agent of choice for best-in-class brands in injection moulding machinery.We pride ourselves to provide a high calibre turn-key service.

We are more than just injection moulding machine suppliers. We sell, install and service all your chosen injection moulding products too.

At GreenTech, we recommend the best machines, customised to your individual requirements. We take responsibility from purchase to installation to after-sale service.

What is Injection Moulding

Engel victory120-P1000561 | GreenTech MachineryInjection moulding machinery is used to manufacture high volumes of plastic parts for the automotive, packaging, medical, and other industries.

Injection moulding is the most accepted type of plastic manufacturing suitable for mass plastic part production. It can produce intricate, strong parts with low levels of waste and fast cycle times.

The Process Step By Step

  1. A mould tool in two halves is held in place in the injection moulding machine.
  2. Once the tool settings have been entered, plastic pellets are fed into your machine.
  3. The pellets pass through a heated barrel and are compressed through a nozzle into the mould tool’s cavities.
  4. The molten plastic is then cooled by circulating water or oil.
  5. Finally, ejector pins push the formed plastic part out of the mould cavity.

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Injection Moulding Suitability

It is vital you choose the right system for your plastics manufacturing business.

Speak to our experienced GreenTech team who will assist you in finding the best solution for you.

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