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Controlling temperature in the manufacturing process plays a vital role in injection moulding or any similar process.

GreenTech partners with HB-Therm, the company of choice specialising in the ancillaries that your business needs to optimise production.  HB-Therm supplies maintenance free temperature control units with a lifetime warranty on specified parts.

The company is predominantly active in the automotive, medical and technical moulding sectors.

HB-Therm has developed a quality and environmental management system based on the continuous improvement of all procedures and processes. The company is proudly certified according to the International Quality Management System (ISO 9001) as well as the International Environmental Management System (ISO 14001).

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The Thermo-5 range is temperature control units that are used for the temperature control of injection moulding tools.

They temperature is regulated using liquid heat transfer, which is, suppling and removing heat in a controlled manner.

Thermo-5 products are renowned for their efficiency and reliability.

Vario – 5

Production methods require high temperature during injection and a cold temperature in the cooling phase.

The Vario-5 is a switching unit that works with two temperature control units to form a variothermal system. This system alternately connects the hot and cold device with the same temperature control circuit to achieve this.

The Vario-5 is simple to use and is quiet in operation.

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HB Therm Clean-5 |GreenTech Machinery


Clean-5 removes corrosion and calcification in tools, temperature control units and pipes.

It is an efficient way to reduce wear and unnecessary maintenance costs. The Clean-5 has extended protection during storage as it is not used as frequently as other units.

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HB-Therm is a Swiss family business, which sees itself as a system supplier, providing seamless support to its customers, from device design to comprehensive after sales service. The company is a world leading manufacturer of temperature control devices. HB-Therm has developed and produced innovative temperature control technology that meet the highest quality standards since 1967.

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