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International Producers of Automation Aids

Gimatic specialises in end of arm tooling (EOAT), grippers and vacuum automation. This global company, which started as a small family business, now forms part of a 19-company network.

Gimatic’s link to these international companies allows it to maintain an efficient and consistent supply of new products. This brand takes a unique stance on customer service. It strives to gather information and requests from the industry and then develop products to meet specific needs.

Plastic Injection

Handling is where Gimatic made its start and ventured into plastics in 2001 where they are leaders in. Recognising early on that automation is essential to the efficiency of the plastic injection process. The company holds firm to its position as a world-renowned supplier of a wide range of EOAT.

Gimatic produces high-quality grippers and other pneumatic, vacuum and electrical tools for the plastic injection industries. Precision, speed and efficiency are at the forefront of these products design.


Gimatic’s low weight products ensure maximum reliability, speed and an extended life span. Its range of grippers includes industry-specific designs to accommodate confined spaces and harsh environments. High speed and long stroke grippers give customers in large scale production access to quality tools.

A range of actuators is also available to ensure sustained automation with little downtime. Gimatic’s computer numerical control (CNC) machines further aid this automation. These products decrease cycle time and increase productivity while reducing work pace accidents. Gimatic supplies a range of loading and unloading CNC machines.

Foreseeing the increased use of cobots, Gimatic created collaborative grippers, tool changers and cobot dedicated kits.


The recent addition of vacuum solutions to the Gimatic catalogue increases the company’s industry application. Gimatic’s ever-growing range of vacuum pumps and suction cups creates unique solutions in the plastic moulding field.

Gimatic was established in 1985. The company was awarded their first patent for a pneumatic gripper in 1986. After building on this innovation throughout the 1990s, Gimatic burgeoned into the plastics market in 2001. The company has always strived to involve customers in product development, collaborating with manufacturers to create problem-solving equipment.

In 2012 Gimatic took an active interest in the field of mechatronics. Thanks to this diversification, the company created two and three-jaw electric parallel grippers and electric actuators. They were able to add to this range in 2013 and continue to revolutionise it.

In 2018 Gimatic acquired the Italian company MTM Motini which enabled them to shorten manufacturing times. Over the years, Gimatic has progressively developed new technology, the most recent being its vacuum products.

GreenTech and Gimatic

GreenTech shares Gimatic’s thirst for innovation and is eager to make its products available to the South African market.

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