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GreenTech installs, services and repairs high-quality extrusion equipment customised to your specific business needs. We partner with best-in-class machinery and parts only.

The Extrusion Process

Extrusion is a high speed, high volume method of manufacturing plastic parts. It offers an efficient production method for products with constant cross-section, such as pipes and gutters.

Extrusion Step by Step

  1. Raw granules, pellets or powder are loaded into a vacuum hopper which holds and feeds the materials into the rest of the extrusion machine.
  2. This raw plastic is then fed into the extruder (a long-heated cylinder) by revolving screws that melt the material to a pre-set temperature.
  3. It’s then forced through a die or series of dies. These thick circular steel disks create your required product shape.
  4. Your end product is squeezed out onto a conveyor belt and is cooled with air or water.

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