ENGEL Machine ENGEL DUO 1000 002 | GreenTech Machinery
ENGEL Machine ENGEL DUO 1000 002 | GreenTech Machinery

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Leaders in Injection Moulding Solutions

ENGEL is a single-source provider of turnkey injection moulding solutions. Its energies are focused on ground-breaking design and development, production of injection moulding machines and automation.

ENGEL provides cutting-edge technology and sustainable service and support, with flexibility and innovation being key aspects. ENGEL supplies injection moulding machines, process support, mould project planning, automation, services and training.

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Injection Moulding Machines

ENGEL manufactures an injection moulding machine for every need and preference. Using the over 75 years of expertise and know-how behind it, ENGEL has designed machines with 280kN to 55000 kN clamping force in hydraulic, fully electric, horizontal and vertical solutions.


ENGEL has developed industrial robots for any requirement or environment. Robots are available in many different variants to handle different payloads and reaches. All robots operate from a central machine panel due to ENGEL’s integrated control concepts. ENGEL’s robots are compact and efficient and have reduced maintenance overheads and long service lives.

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Systems Solutions

ENGEL designs and supplies complete production systems, being a single-source provider.  Its turnkey options will leave customers with a fully automated, perfectly suited production line.

ENGEL manufactures injection moulding machines, robots, automation, and ancillary equipment and combines these into a production line, customised to your specific requirements. Various options are presented to ensure optimum solutions.

Ready-to-run systems or bespoke custom automation are presented in a compact, functional and user-friendly manner.

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ENGEL, headquartered in Schwertberg, Austria, is one of the globally leading companies in plastics processing machines. From individual injection moulding machines to integrated and automated production cells, ENGEL offers customised solutions for thermoplastic, thermoset and elastomer processing from a single source.

ENGEL injection moulding solutions are used, for example, to manufacture automotive components, housings and other parts for electrical and electronic products, household goods, toys and leisure articles, packaging, and products for medical technology and health care.

ENGEL’s leading market position is founded on two cornerstones: on the one hand, high-technology business that initiates permanent further development and on the other hand, large-scale production to make our cost-intensive development work financially affordable.

With nine production plants in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as subsidiaries and representatives in more than 85 countries, ENGEL has a global presence. From its foundation in 1945 to the present day, ENGEL has always been 100 percent family-owned.

GreenTech and ENGEL

Consult with our expert team at GreenTech to guide you on which ENGEL technology is best for your business. We supply you with this injection moulding and automation technology and maintain the machinery for its lifespan.

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