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Automation Technology in Plastic Manufacturing

EAS is the global leader in automation equipment in plastic injection moulding production lines, particularly in the automotive industry. The company develops, produces and sells components and turnkey systems for quick tool changes on plastic injection moulding machines. EAS was at the forefront of all developments in single minute exchanges of die (SMED) applications.

They can supply fully automatic and semi-automatic systems created especially for use on injection moulding machines. EAS provides automatic injection moulding production lines comprising devices of all ages, sizes, and any manufacturers. EAS’s automation solutions support machines with any clamping force. This is vital for a reduction in downtime.

EAS offers a dynamic and lasting partnership in factory automation involving SMED applications. They are the go-to for a full range of innovative products, systems, and services necessary to boost manufacturing processes, turnaround speed, and cost-efficiency.

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Quick Mould Change Systems

EAS manufactures a complete set of quick mould change (QMC) systems to speed up the complete mould change process step by step. The designs are cost-effective and provide total solutions.

QMC systems have many benefits. They reduce costs in inventory, labour and manufacturing. QMC systems also considerably minimise machine downtime, from hours to minutes.

QMC systems optimise operator safety as mould handling no longer requires manual operations. This improves working environments as well as giving injection moulding companies a competitive edge.

Plastic Injection Moulding

The cycle time of a plastic injection moulding process includes the actual injection time, the cooling time and the mould resetting or changeover time. Best practices are for mould changeover to be fully automated for which EAS provides solutions.

Frequent and automated mould changes allow the manufacturer increased flexibility when it comes to production quantity. The changes reduce inventory and provide a faster response to market requirements.

EAS also provides solutions for electro-permanent magnetic clamping, which consider daylight opening, holding force and opening force and temperature range in injection moulding machines.

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Clamping Solutions

Whether hydraulic or magnetic clamping, EAS offers you the right solution to save time and money.

EAS Multi-Couplers

Quick and straightforward leak-proof connections of water, air, oil and electrical circuits. EAS multi-couplers significantly reduce set-up times.

Tilting & Inspection Units

Safe and fast Tilting & Inspection of your moulds. Solutions for 3 ton to 50-ton moulds

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EAS develops, produces and sells components and turnkey systems for quick tool changes on plastic injection moulding machines as well as on presses, stamping and die casting machines.

EAS supplies components as well as full and semi-automatic systems for injection moulding machines of all ages, sizes and manufacturers. From globally known brands to local machines, with clamping forces varying from 500 kN to 55,000 kN.

EAS developed the world’s first tool change systems in the 1980s. The company is focused on sustainability and reliability and initiated the application of automatic multi-couplers in injection moulding.

EAS introduced the first application of magnetic clamping for injection moulding. They pioneered the use of mould change cars and tables in the European market.

Now EAS integrates all this knowledge into turnkey projects around the globe.

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