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BattenFeld-Concinatti Extrusion | GreenTech Machinery

Proud Suppliers of Battenfeld–Cincinnati

Leaders in Plastic Extrusion

Battenfeld-Cincinnati is the technology leader and 100% dedicated to plastics extrusion. Project engineering is their speciality, and they provide complete extrusion lines from a single source.

The extrusion solutions supplied by Battenfeld-Cincinnati offer a robust design and prioritise production competence to deliver optimal production management.

Being the global leader in developing extrusion screws, they can supply customised and optimised screws as required.

Battenfeld-Cincinnati produces machine components with long service lives to ensure their products are a worthwile investment. The machines are low maintenance, assuring  minimum downtime.

Battenfeld-Cincinnati advocates for environmental consciousness with their components suited to using new and recycled materials.

Battenfeld-Cincinatti Extrusion Plastic | GreenTech Machinery


Battenfeld-Cincinatti extruders are leading the technological development in high output energy efficient plastic production in line with their environmental consciousness ethos. Complete extrusion lines promise high performance and quality.

Optimised screw geometries and metallurgical solutions ensure optimal homogenisation.

Battenfeld-Cincinnati manufactures the following range of extruders:

  • PVC pipe extruders
  • Single screw extruders
  • Counter-rotating conical extruders
  • Carallel twin-screw extruders
  • Celletising extruders
  • Planetary roller extruders

Tooling in Extrusion

Battenfeld-Cincinnati also manufactures top-quality tooling components. Their pipe dies are developed, adapted and optimised in-house.

They promise a tooling solution fit for every need. Be it a standard mono-layer pipe die, a pipe die for making complex multilayer pipes, or an extreme diameter die. Adapted pipe heads can be created for the specific material being processed or for the specific production requirements.

Battenfeld-Cincinatti Plastic Extrusion | GreenTech Machinery
Battenfeld-Cincinatti Extruders | GreenTech Machinery

Battenfeld-Cincinnati was established in the 1950s and has cultivated a worldwide sales and distribution network. The company has extensive know-how in conception and process engineering. Battenfeld-Cincinnati is the industry benchmark when it comes to quality, innovation and organisational flexibility.

Their central company ethos preaches environmentally friendly practices. They are part of the Blue Competence Initiative, making them an industry leader in sustainable economic development.

The Blue Competence Initiative, launched in Germany in 2009, focuses on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Companies, who want to participate in the initiative, must abide by 12 pre-defined sustainability principles in its production and business practices.

Environmental Consciousness

High ethical standards are paramount for Battenfeld-Cincinnati. Their products reflect their value for the safety of their customers and the protection of the environment.

Recently the company’s focus has been on recyclable material and developing technology to reduce raw materials.

Battenfeld-Cincinnati has already achieved a rapid reduction of energy consumption with their machines’ design, doing their part to ensure a sustainable future. They believe that the success of their customers is their success.

GreenTech and Battenfeld-Cincinnati

Consult with the GreenTech expert team to guide you on which Battenfeld-Cincinnati technology is best for your business. We import, install  this extrusion technology and maintain the machinery during its lifespan.

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