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Plastic Automotive Parts Machinery | GreenTech Machinery

Plastic Automotive Parts

Automotive Plastic Parts Manufacturers

Automotive plastics manufacturing produce compact components with complex geometries and light in weight. These components must be able to withstand high operating temperatures and exposure to fuel, oil coolants and brake fluid.

The machinery supplied by GreenTech meets these stringent standards and specifications at a competitive cost.

Plastic Materials in Automotive Industry

Automotive plastic parts manufacturers produce components to specification, ergonomically and safely, automated and cleanroom-capable. They rely on stable and uninterrupted production lines, providing consistent output.

GreenTech provides lucrative, streamlined turnkey solutions for such optimised production. The technology in the injection moulding of plastic automotive parts is always evolving, and our machinery’ specifications are continuously adapted.

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Automotive Injection Moulding

Injection moulding machines that are over moulding equipped are used in the automotive plastics industry, for automotive electronics production.

GreenTech supplies:

  • Over moulding machines capable with multiple components and multilayer technology required for automotive lighting products.
  • Dual Platen Injection moulding machines: designed to stand vertically saving valuable production space and used for the production of body components requiring high clamping force and high injection compression to produce large surface areas.


GreenTech stocks and supplies an extensive range of ancillary products to increase overall efficiency in your production line.

Main products are:

  • Production line software to document and store production data, a critical aspect in producing automotive plastic safety components
  • Material solutions, special material handling and processing of additives.
  • Automation: GreenTech will fully automate your injection moulding process and provide automated tool changes for limited-run series specific to the automotive industry.
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Automation and Grippers

Automate processes and production line with automated machinery and grippers.

GreenTech installs and services high-quality automation solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Customized automation at all levels: we design and supply complete production systems from a single source. Our turn-key solutions perfectly combine injection moulding machine, robots, automation and auxiliary equipment. You can rely on best part quality, stable processes and efficient automated manufacturing.

Spares and Services

GreenTech specialises in optimising production lines by providing turnkey spare and service solutions

  • maintaining and repairing your equipment
  • fast sourcing of spare parts
  • training your team to the next level
  • optimising processes
  • ensuring the highest possible up-times.

GreenTech spare parts team sources parts as fast as possible to ensure minimum downtime.

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Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is an efficient and cost-effective method of moulding plastic automotive parts. It is perfectly suited to moulding body part components such as the boot or dashboard due to their defined shape.

GreenTech recommends combining vacuum forming processes with other processes. This will enable the cost benefits of vacuum forming without being held back by the design restrictions.

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ENGEL produces a wide array of machines specific to every niche in the automotive plastics industry. From the ‘Victory’ and ‘Duo’ machines which can handle large volume production to the compact ‘E-Mac’ and ‘E-Victory’, ENGEL makes a machine for your needs.

Vertical solutions offer the ‘Insert’ and ‘V-Duo’, which are well suited for producing light-weight composites. The ‘Elast’ offers a solution that can handle rubber, solid and liquid silicones, as well as thermoplastic elastomers.

ENGEL also supplies several ancillary products such as ‘Foammelt’ for the foam injection moulding required for interior component production.



The WINTEC ‘T-Win’ is an energy-efficient injection moulding machine capable of many applications. It has been designed to reduce wear to the machine, suitable to automotive production demands.

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Motan offers peripheral units and systems for materials handling.

Their units are designed for long term use, low maintenance, easy to use and reliable. motan’s systems optimise your automotive dosing, mixing, conveying, drying, crystallising and storage.


Controlling temperature in the manufacturing process plays a vital role in injection moulding or any similar process.

GreenTech partners with HB-Therm, the company of choice specialising in the ancillaries that your business needs to optimise production. HB Therm supplies maintenance free temperature control units with a lifetime warranty on specified parts.

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TAMPOPRINT specialises in the excellent construction of pad printing and laser engraving machines.

Together with TAMPOPRINT we offer solutions for bulk printing using printing pads and customisation using lasers. We provide accessories, consumables, process consulting, training and service.

TAMPOPRINT is the perfect partner in your automotive printing needs, developing solutions for the most challenging printing surface.


RIDAT is a leading manufacturer of thermo-forming machines. RIDAT provides a one stop, single source of packaging plant – manual, semi-automatic and automatic vacuum forming machines and related ancillaries such as blister sealers and roller presses.

Its machines are one of the most robust in the plastic vacuum forming industry and are suitable for both high volume production and short production runs. The equipment is a cost-effective investment with high reliability, well suited to producing automotive body part components such as a boot or dashboard.

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EAS Change Systems

EAS masterfully develops, produces and sells components and turnkey systems for quick tool changes on plastic injection moulding machines. They provide both automatic and semi-automatic solutions for plastic converting machinery.

These solutions will optimise any automotive injection moulding production line and are especially useful in limited-series runs.


Part of the Engel group, TIG has developed Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for production optimisation, production control and quality assurance. These functions play an essential part in the automotive industry.

TIG constructs and supplies hardware and software solutions for the automotive, medical technology, electronics and packaging industries.

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GreenTech is a proud supplier of standard and customised Plasma and Corona surface treatment systems produced by Tantec. This company is a leading manufacturer of surface treatment and plasma etching of plastics and metals to enhance adhesion properties.

Tantec is continuously developing new innovative equipment to solve adhesion problems, aiming to serve every industry.

Automotive plastics have low surface energy, making it difficult to achieve high-quality bonding, coating, printing or varnishing. Tantec surface treatments are the solution to solve this challenge.

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