Motan GRAVICOLOR Different Sizes With LUXOR-50 | GreenTech Machinery
Motan GRAVICOLOR Different Sizes With LUXOR-50 | GreenTech Machinery

Plastic Ancillary Equipment Suppliers in South Africa

Partners in Plastic Production Ancillaries and More

GreenTech is a proud agent for reputable suppliers in the plastic production industry.

We promise to supply our customers with all their injection moulding, extrusion and vacuum forming needs. This includes;

Robust machinery

Quality parts and plastic ancillary equipment

Service and maintenance excellence

Guidance on the best ways to improve your factory’s productivity and efficiency.

motan METRO G Diverse Combination | GreenTech Machinery

GreenTech: Your End-To-End Partner in Plastic Production Processes

Beyond deciding on the right manufacturing process for your business, it’s important to pick the right plastic ancillaries.

Choosing the perfect auxiliary equipment for plastics processing streamlines your processes and significantly reduces time and material wastage.

Plastic Ancillary Equipment for All Processes

  • Materials handling
  • Pad & laser printing
  • Temperature control
  • Manufacturing execution systems (Software)
  • Mould change systems
  • Surface treatments
  • Automation
  • End of arm tooling and grippers (part of automation)

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motan METROLINK-01 | Greentech Machinery


To reduce waste costs associated with handling their raw materials, we have sought the partnership of Motan.

Together we supply ancillary machinery to assist you in an extensive range of solutions.

  • Dosing and mixing to ensure a consistent final product
  • Drying in an energy-efficient way
  • Conveying to boost the productivity of your product line
  • Controls for an intelligent network
  • Storage solutions for your material handling


Temperature plays a vital role in any plastic production process.

GreenTech links you to HB-Therm, a company that specialises in the ancillaries that your business needs to optimise production through water treatment, expert temperature control and maintenance.

HB Therm S5 Thermo5 160Z1 offen | GreenTech Machinery
TampoPrint CLICHE LASER PLUS | GreenTech-Machinery


TAMPOPRINT specialises in the excellent construction of pad printing and laser engraving machines.

Together with TAMPOPRINT we offer solutions for bulk printing using printing pads and customisation using lasers. We provide accessories, consumables, process consulting, training and service.


As a part of the ENGEL group, TIG has developed Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for production optimisation, production control and quality assurance.

TIG constructs and supplies hardware and software solutions for the automotive, medical technology, electronics and packaging industries.

TIG Authentig | GreenTech Machinery
ENGEL Easix | GreenTech Machinery


We have partnered with EAS, the global leader in automating equipment for plastic injection moulding production lines, particularly in the automotive industry.

Speak to GreenTech for components and turnkey systems for quick tool changes on plastic injection moulding machines

Ancillary Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers for All Industries

GreenTech supplies plastic ancillary equipment for any industry that requires plastic production.

We have extensive experience in serving the below markets with professional and expert assistance.

Find out about all the markets we serve at Greentech 

Plastic Automotive Parts Machinery | GreenTech Machinery


GreenTech provides moulding equipped machines with high clamping force and variable, modular moulds specific to the needs of the automotive industry.

Plastic Packaging Machinery Suppliers In South Africa | GreenTech Machinery


Energy-efficient and cleanroom capable, GreenTech supplied machines are excellently suited to the packaging industry.

Technical Plastic Moulding Machine Suppliers | GreenTech Machinery

Technical Moulding

GreenTech brings customers comprehensive platen options for a competitive edge in the technical industry.

Medical Grade Plastic Machinery Suppliers | GreenTech Machinery


GreenTech plastic injection moulding for plastic medical parts is lubricant-free cleanroom capable and can be fully automated.

    Customisable Solutions

    GreenTech is committed to you and your business. To us, this means providing you with a quality sustainable plan for your production.

    If you are looking for ancillaries that we do not appear to stock, please do not hesitate to contact us. We aim to source and provide whatever is necessary for your plastic production to thrive.

    Contact us to discuss your material handling difficulties. We can work with you to develop more efficient systems to ensure that your production operates at the optimum level.

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