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Knowing Your Plastic Moulding Needs

Every plastic manufacturing market has a unique set of requirements. Consult with GreenTech’s expert team for best recommendations in machinery to produce your product to specification.

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GreenTech provides injection moulding machines with high clamping force and variable, modular moulds specific to the needs of the automotive industry.

Cognisant of focus on safety, weight reduction and brand specification, injection moulding and vacuum forming processes are combined and supplemented with ancillary products for fast, cost-effective production.

Schedule a site visit with a GreenTech topic expert who will identify requirements critical to your production line.


Energy-efficient and cleanroom capable, our machines are specified to the requirements of the packaging industry. Our services meet all market regulations for all packaging manufacturing including food packaging.

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Technical Moulding

GreenTech brings customers individual multi-component machines with electronic force optimisation and platen options, designed for a competitive edge in the technical moulding industry.


The medical plastic production industry is held to stringent standards. GreenTech supplies machinery compliant with GMP and ISO 7 standards for medical-grade production.

We specialise in cleanroom capable machinery suitable for large scale production.

Call us for references from customers in medical product production.

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Our Business Lines

Business Lines Best Suited to Your Industry

GreenTech offers business lines that work individually or combined to ensure an optimal production line, specific to your market. Our loyal clients bear testimony in delivering high-grade machinery and excellent service.

Why Choose GreenTech Machinery

  • GreenTech imports, installs, services best in class European designed plastics machinery and ancillary equipment.
  • We have a large footprint and assist customers in the Southern- and East-African regions.
  • Our experienced Service team is there to assist you in
    – maintaining your equipment
    – training your team to the next level
    – optimising processes
    – ensuring the highest possible up-times.
  • GreenTech stocks a wide range of consumables, sources and delivers plastics machinery parts fast & efficient to minimise delay in production