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Deciding on Your Plastic Moulding Needs

Bringing your ideas to reality, GreenTech is ready to meet you and conduct a complete needs analysis. Together we will go through our range of machinery and ancillaries and suggest optimum solutions.

GreenTech Business Lines

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Injection Moulding

GreenTech is the agent of choice for Southern & Eastern Africa regions, representing best-in-class brands in injection moulding machinery. GreenTech imports, installs and services injection moulding machinery.

Injection moulding machinery is used for high volume manufacturing of plastic parts for the automotive, packaging, medical and other industries.

Extrusion Solutions

We import, install and service high-quality extrusion machines and equipment tailored to your specific business needs.

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Plastic Ancillary Equipment

GreenTech recommends the most suitable equipment for all plastics machinery, streamlining your processed and significantly reducing time and material wastage.

Services and Spares

Increase cycle times and decrease downtime for your manufacturing plant.

To this aim, GreenTech specialises in optimising production lines by providing turnkey solutions:

  • maintaining and repairing your equipment
  • fast sourcing of spare parts
  • training your team to the next level
  • optimising processes
  • ensuring the highest possible up-times.
ENGEL Spares And Services | GreenTech Machinery
Automation And Grippers | GreenTech Machinery

Automation and Grippers

Automate processes and production line with automated machinery and grippers.

GreenTech installs and services high-quality automation solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Customised automation at all levels: we design and supply complete production systems from a single source. Our turn-key solutions perfectly combine injection moulding machine, robots, automation and auxiliary equipment. You can rely on best part quality, stable processes and efficient automated manufacturing.

Contact our GreenTech team to get advice on which business line matches your business

We will conduct site visits and advise machinery solutions for optimum manufacturing production.

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