GreenTech supplies 12th ENGEL machine to leading packaging manufacturer on the back of 20 years’ product reliability

The first ENGEL plastic injection moulding machine which was commissioned at TELPLAST (Pty) Ltd. 20 years ago is still in full operation. TELPLAST Managing Director, Chirag Madhu, puts this impressive performance down to a combination of product reliability, employee dedication and good equipment care.

“We currently have a total of twelve fully operational ENGEL plastic injection moulding machines on our floor and the quality and reliability of this brand simply cannot be overstated,” says Chirag. “But equally important is the dedication of our team and our stringent machine maintenance programmes that we have in place.”

CEO, Patrick Bracke, who founded GreenTech in 2016 to bring leading European-brand products to the South African market, formed a good relationship with Chirag and his team, providing maintenance and repair services on their ENGEL units.

As a leading manufacturer of plastic and other packaging materials, TELPLAST is currently operating both hydraulic and electric ENGEL machines at its Industria facility on Johannesburg’s West Rand. “The biggest advantage of our six older hydraulic units, which continue to perform optimally, is their tirebarless system, so there is absolutely no need to replace them,” states Chirag.


“We just ensure that these machines are properly maintained and regularly serviced by GreenTech’s qualified technicians.”

According to Chirag, they took the decision to move to ENGEL’s new generation electric oil-free units to ensure that TELPLAST keeps in step with cutting-edge technological advancements. “As a result, our operation is more productive and efficient which in turn enhances the quality of our product and service delivery to our customers,” he affirms.

GreenTech installed TELPLAST’s sixth electric oil-free ENGEL unit in December 2021. “In addition to supplying and commissioning ENGEL machines, our professional and highly-trained technical team provides complete aftermarket service solutions to TELPLAST,” comments GreenTech Strategy & Operations Lead, Marcus Visser. “We also offer the necessary up-to-date technical and operator training courses to TELPLAST employees to ensure that they are up to speed with the latest innovative technology incorporated into the new electric ENGEL machines.”

Chirag lauds Patrick and his team on the great service they provide. “Patrick is always available for advice and we can count on the GreenTech team who is ready to assist us to ensure that our fleet of ENGEL machines continues to perform optimally and reliably.”

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